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Technical Product Manager

United States

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About the Role

We’re seeking a Technical Product Manager to join our rapidly growing team to work hand-in-hand with our passionate product visionaries, our proven technical delivery team, and our clients to deliver business-transforming technologies at enterprise scale and startup speed.


This Role:

While the title Technical Product Manager can mean different things to different people, here’s what it means to us. In this role you will:

  • Work hand-in-hand with an internal or client product manager or owner to define how a given technology solution and set of capabilities can open a new market, solve an operational problem, cut cost, increase revenue or change customer experiences.

  • Collaborate with software and system architects and UI/UX designers to translate that vision into an architecture, product definition, and product development strategy that is achievable…but that you’d be proud to deliver.

  • Run a tight, agile-focused development process. Create tickets alongside your technology and architect partners, ensure developers are assigned and keeping to their tasks, and manage Scrum standups to ensure daily delivery.

  • Be a clear and effective point of contact to the client across product and business functions. You’re the face of this solution for Mural and we trust you to represent the company, technology, and vision at any level.

  • Ultimately …. ship. We deliver real technology solutions really fast. You’ve got to be the type of person who is ready to put their work into thousands if not millions of hands.

What Will Make You Successful:

  • Experience with delivering software (web or mobile) and systems (cloud, messaging, enterprise data) at scale and speed

  • Experience with Agile tools, including Jira and Confluence

  • Ability to document technical business requirements in a manner that product to near-shore development can understand.

  • Experience with managing successful development projects, alone and overseeing a team

  • Knowledge of technology-enabled digital transformation and IoT technologies

About Mural Advisors

We partner with private-equity-backed companies at the board and sponsor level to accelerate technology adoption and innovation, to look for new technology product-driven opportunities for growth, and to rapidly prove how leading-edge technologies (IoT, AI, Intelligent Automation) can dramatically shift value creation.

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